Spice up your interior with the lifestyle concept
of MUST Living. A delicious collection of stylish
and authentic occasional furniture and accessories,
always with a feel good factor. You MUST have this!

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Motivated by a great passion for interiors & living, the
MUST Living brand was created in 2015.
Years of design
experience and traveling inspired the makers of MUST Living
to put together this lifestyle concept. Making furniture in
an authentic and original way with great craftsmen found
on our many travels is a dream come true. See our lovely
products in unexpected and intriguing combinations and
get inspired to turn your house into a great home.


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First and foremost MUST Living is about beauty. We use refined shapes and luxurious materials to create objects that are elegant, sophisticated and smart.

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A lot of our products are made by hand, using traditional techniques that are centuries old. Their construction and finish are therefore sublime.

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MUST Living’s designs are often modelled after originals that have been around, using materials that are natural, reclaimed and eco-friendly.

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We can be refined but also raw, rough and unpolished. Audacious and daring in the products we make and the way you can combine them.

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We find our craftsmen personally on our travels and ensure a production that gives them a decent income and honours their lifestyle.

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Please enjoy yourself decorating with the delicious variety of MUST Living-items. Go out & play – and make your home the best ever.